Materials and Finishings

Because we're all different, BANKA has everything you could ever need - different materials for different solutions, from our classic Stainless Steel sinks, that come in four different finishes, to other options like the Resin and Tempered glass sinks.

Stainless Steel Finishes

Our sinks are made to the highest manufcaturing standard using AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, designed to outlast your kitchen.

  • Polished Finish
    Polished Finish

    Matt finish with some brightness, in this finish the qualities of stainless steel transpire, durability, functionality and a shining presentation that brightens any kitchen.

  • Matt Finish
    Matt Finish

    This finish remains unchanged throughout the years. With great resistance to scratches, a continuos elegance and a alasting performance is ensured.

  • Satin Polish
    Satin Polish

    Linear brushed stainless steel that looks sophisticated and exclusive

  • Textured

    High quality stainless steel scracth resistant, for those who value durability and performance over other features.

Tempered Glass

Enjoy all the aesthetic properties of glass without sacrificing the robustness and cleanliness that characterize a stainless steel sinks, all thanks to a special treatment that makes this glass ready for everyday use.


    Tempered glass with a black finish


Our composite sinks are made from composite materials with a thermostable base and mineral charges, everything reinforced with fibreglass.

  • Element

    Dark composite finish

How to take care of your sink

We don’t want you to spend extra time in the kitchen in order to care for our kitchen sinks, and with that in mind, our products were developed to require minimum effort in order to maintain its unique characteristics and durability. So here are our recommendations:

  • Daily cleaning

    Daily cleaning

    All stainless steel surfaces are best cleaned immediately after they have been used. This helps prevent limescale. Do use appropriate materials when cleaning your stainless steel sink, like neutral detergents, soaps and water. The process is simple: use the soft side of the sponge avoiding circular motions. Do rinse thoroughly. Do use a soft cloth to rub dry your kitchen sink.

  • Avoid


    Avoid sharp objects - use appropriate accessories to do so.
    Do not place hot objects in your kitchen sink as well as other objects, solutions or foods that may damage the material through prolonged exposure.
    Never use straw-of-steel to polish your stainless steel sink.

  • BANKA polish

    BANKA polish

    If you want to give it some extra love, once a month, give your stainless steel sink a basic clean with our Inox cream specially formulated for our BANKA Sinks, wich will help maintain and restore its original shine!